Since 2008, Shibue Couture has been designing, patenting, and manufacturing fashion essentials products for fabulous people of all shapes, sizes, and ages so that everyone can look and feel their very best!

We created and revolutionized the intimate apparel industry with the "Hottest Fashion Solution" products on the market that help women wear the IMPOSSIBLE!!

  CEO & Founder of Shibue Couture

Shibue Couture was born out of necessity when designer Jenny Buettner could not find an undergarment that did not show underneath her sleek silk gown. Every product on the market showed lines somewhere, whether it be across the hips from "No Line" panties, or shape wear that pushed bulges out over the hips and the thighs. 

After much trial and error, the Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty was born! Since the launch of our initial product, we've expanded and have created the "Hottest Fashion Solution" products that solve fashion dilemmas.

Women of all ages and sizes are encouraged to experience the new freedom offered by Shibue´s products and you can order them online today!

US Toll-Free: 877-270-3313 • Direct 714-799-7700

Jenny's Story
Working as a real estate agent for nearly 20 years and juggling being a mommy of three, I didn't know the first thing about the intimate apparel industry. Also, I hadn't taken any business classes, which made the idea of becoming an entrepreneur even more of a challenge.

The only thing I knew was that I wasn't going to let all the 'nay' sayers turn me away from what I knew was the missing link in lingerie. On top of that, I can't stand being sucked in and not able to breathe in girdles and I won't go without panties!

I was not alone….

Che Chereskin, Patent Attorney

My USPTO Experience
As we started down this path and the idea of starting a new business in 2003 with a new revolutionary product, I realized that I would need to protect my IP and file a patent. I reached out to several attorneys and paid them lots of money for them to tell me that what I wanted could not be done because they thought I was crazy and it was not worth wasting my time.

Never deterred…and now even more determined I started reading "how to" books on new business start-ups, patents and trademarks. Once I had convinced myself these attorneys were wrong, I reached out to a new real estate client of mine (and now a dear girlfriend) who is in one of the leading patent offices in the country and somehow I convinced her to help me. She helped me write the patent and we submitted our patent in 2005. After 5 years battling the USPTO our patent was granted and then we successfully trademarked the name, Shibue Couture!

Creating My First Product


Original Strapless Panty
For months I researched lingerie and bathing suit manufacturers through friends, clients and on the internet. I contacted anybody and everybody who I knew in the apparel industry. On my off time, I would drive to Santa Ana, Los Angeles, or Vernon in search of anyone who could sew! We begged and pleaded for them to help us make our prototypes for my idea. They would always tell us that they could not risk stopping large production orders for a "not-even-started-up-company." Not to mention, they thought my panties "made no sense, and would never sell."

Finally, I convinced someone to help me…phew!

Even though the prototypes were not the intended "end version" of our product, we needed to see if the concept would catch on. In the beginning, our product was rough and our patterns were even rougher!

It didn't matter… we were on our way!
The "strapless panty" was such a new concept, we only made a small run and decided to launch at the largest retail show in Las Vegas, "Magic." We were so new at that time and we could not get the panties made the way you see them today. Everyone said, "What we wanted could not be done", so we used a medical double-sided tape to hold them onto the body. This concept was terribly impractical because if you had to go the restroom you had to change the tape, so replacement tape was always necessary and needed to be on hand. Additionally, we were a cut and sewn product, not a seamless panty as you see today.

Even with the tape issue, we were moderately successful in Las Vegas and since we were feeling so good about the "Magic" expo, we decided to go to NYC for a bridal show! From there we met a large company that wanted to license our Strapless Panty concept from us. Wow! In such a short time we had one of the largest lingerie manufacturers want to license our product!

That sounded great to me, so I said yes!
After 6 months of inferior product coming across my desk…I was extremely frustrated. They told me that what we wanted could not be done! For about a half of a second, I was deflated…then we went to their competitor hoping for a different answer. Unfortunately, they could not make my panties either and they made it VERY clear that if they could not do it, then it could not be done.

Since I am one to never give up, I went to another leading intimate apparel company that dealt primarily with silicone adhesive products and seamless garments. By now they had seen me at enough shows to know I was determined, so they said they would try to help me. Once again, I was told that the way I wanted, could not be done!

We had finally had it with all the major manufacturers!
I knew it could be done and since I was the one who believed in it, I was going to have to be the one to do it!

These BIG manufacturers didn't know how to think outside the box or ask the right questions, which in hindsight was a good thing because it led me to become my own manufacturer. After a year of working with engineers overseas, sleepless nights, working 7 days a week, the bills were piling up high! We really struggled but worked my way through the process of silicone applications, patterns, sizing, fabrics and packaging………… and the Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty was finally born!

No-Line Strapless Panty nude wear no panty was born..

Shibue Application
Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty Application

Naming "Shibue"

They should have Shibue'd!
I really didn't know anything about naming a company EXCEPT that whatever you name it, it should not offend someone anywhere in the world because that could kill your company. With that in mind, I thought I would combine the first three letters of my maiden name "Shipley" and the first three letters of my married name "Buettner", and call my company, SHIBUE Couture. We loved the name so we started doing internet searches for its translation and found that it means "understated elegance" in Japanese… Jackpot!

As for the name of my newly redefined panty we affectionately called it the "Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty". However, somewhere along the line, we started calling it the "Shibue".

We would say things like, "Are you wearing a Shibue?" or "She needs a Shibue?" and "She should've Shibue'd!"... and the list goes on!

Packaging for SHIBUE Couture
Typically underwear doesn't need instructions and they generally aren't in any type of sealed bag or box.  However, hygiene is our top priority and with the possibility of dirty hands touching our panties and adhesive, we needed to make sure we kept our products sanitary. Additionally, we wanted to convey what the product was on the cover of the package for clarity.

I wish I could say we got it right the first time, but the initial package was construed as being too sexy and bulky! So then we went to a slightly modified, more sophisticated version of the same look but in a more modern and streamlined package.

Better... but still too sexy! The story get's better...
Currently, we have a cartoon version of a girl on the front of the package that seems to be more readily accepted.

It would be nice if the current package could live on as it is now…but we know different! Forever we will be modifying and redefining the packaging as we have continued to redefine panties!
How Shibue was born No-Line Strapless Panty nude wear no panty lines

Shibue Fashion Solutions

Organic PR led to Consumer Awareness and Acceptance

As seen on "The Doctor's" TV show
With a very limited budget and at times no budget at all… we hit the road! I squeezed my way backstage into every fashion show I could get into to get Shibue on the models and into the designers' hands! I would constantly slap my panty on any wrist or hairy arm available! We reached out to PETA and continue to donate products for the "naked campaign" organically getting Shibues onto the stars who posed for PETA, while also contributing to a good cause. We've traveled all over the world exposing Shibue to anyone and everyone, and women would ask where they could buy them. Unknowingly, we had one of Italy's biggest stars wear our panty under her dress on stage for the San Remo Music Festival in 2012. Luckily for us, she flashed Shibues in front of 15 million people and our panties went viral in Europe.

Now Shibue has become synonymous with fashion and has become the "Official Undergarments" to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and Vancouver Fashion Week, and more. Shibue Story

Amazing things are happening!
It's been 8 years since the formal launch of Shibue. We strive daily to perfect and redefine the fashion solution market with better and hotter products to offer the world! Shibue has become the secret to Hollywood actresses, models, designers, stylists and the everyday woman. They are so comfortable we even got the green light from the famed TV Show, "The Doctor's".

Shibue's are a "must have" on the set of True Blood, Spartacus, The Walking Dead, Magic City and more! It's exciting to be a woman-owned business and we are constantly updating and creating new and innovative products for women.

Before and After Shibue Strapless Panty

We didn't cross the line…We erased it!
We created Shibue to offer alternate undergarment choices for women of all shapes, sizes, and ALL ages! Shibue Story

Our inspiration comes from inventing revolutionary products that offer comfort, coverage, modesty, and confidence for women.

We love Shibue…we hope you do too!

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Shibue was born, NO-Line Strapless Panty, nude, wear, No panty lines.
How Shibue was born, NO-Line Strapless Panty, nude, wear, No panty lines.