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There’s Now Stick-On Underwear For Women Who Really Hate Panty Lines

At first, when I saw the term “strapless panty,” I was skeptical. But after looking into it, I honestly kind of want a pair myself. View full article…

Stick-On Underwear Is the New Seamless Underwear

Do we hate yoga-pants panty lines that much?

No matter how much cash you drop on pricey “invisible” underwear from athletic brands, your panty lines are always a liiiiittle visible in your running tights or yoga pants—especially while you’re hanging out in downward dog or working on your squat form. But do you care enough about the persistence of panty lines to take things to the next level? In case you do, underwear company Shibue has created some truly no-show, strapless panties. (Check out the best underwear for women who work out hard.).  View full article…



Strapless Underwear Is Now A Real Thing

What will they come up with next?
Have you ever been getting dressed in the morning and thought, ‘I want to wear underwear today, but I really wish I had a pair that doesn’t have those pesky straps’? View full article…

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Star Magazine and Shape magazine:

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Shibue Strapless panties were featured in Italian Cosmopolitan!



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